Technical University of Varna

Academic Calendar 2019-2020

Bachelor's Degree 1st – 3rd year students
Winter semester Summer semester Summer semester
(valid for „Marine Engineering”, „Electrical Equipment of Ships” and „Navigation” 3rd year)
Classes16.09.2019 – 27.12.201910.02.2020– 22.05.202010.02.2020 – 17.04.2020
Examination session06.01.2020 – 25.01.202025.05.2020 – 13.06.202020.04.2020 – 09.05.2020
Retake examination session21.01.2020 – 01.02.202015.06.2020 – 20.06.202011.05.2020 – 16.05.2020
Non-attendance part of the academic year
Annual retake examination session31.08.2020 – 12.09.2020
Training practiceJune-July-August-September 2020
Annual vacation15.06.2020 – 12.09.2020
Bachelor's Degree 4th year students
Winter semesterSummer semester
(not valid for „Marine Engineering”and „Electrical Equipment of ships”)
Classes16.09.2019 – 27.12.201910.02.2020 – 17.04.2020
Examination session06.01.2020 – 25.01.202020.04.2020 – 09.05.2020
Retake examination session27.01.2020 – 01.02.202011.05.2020 – 16.05.2020
Non-attendance part of the academic year
(not valid for„Marine Engineering”, „Electrical Equipment of ships”
Annual retake examination session18.05.2020 – 23.05.2020
Preparation for Graduation exam/Diploma Thesis defense25.05.2020 – 27.06.2020
Regular examination session for Graduation exam or Diploma Thesis defense29.06.2020 – 11.07.2020
29.06.2020 – 18.07.2020 for ME, EES and NAVG
Retake examination session for Graduation exam or Diploma Thesis defense31.08.2020 – 12.09.2020
Master’s Degree 1st year students
Winter semesterSummer semesterNon-attendance part of the academic year
Classes30.09.2019 – 28.12.201910.02.2020 – 23.05.2020Annual retake examination session31.08.2020 – 12.09.2020
Regular exam session06.01.2020 – 25.01.202025.05.2020 – 13.06.2020Annual vacation15.06.2020 – 12.09.2020
Retake exam session27.01.2020 – 01.02.202015.06.2020 – 20.06.2020
The Academic calendar for the courses of Master‘s Degree after Bachelor’s Degree who are not mentioned in the tables is accepted by the Faculty Council and approved by the Rector.
Official Holidays
for the Academic year 2019/2020
Winter semester
September 6th – Unification DayHoliday
September 16th – Academic year openingClasses will not be held
September 22nd – Independence DayHoliday
September 23rdHoliday (according to the Labor code, art. 154, par. 2)
September 24thstudents must study with the schedule for Monday – Odd week
November 1st – National Awakening Day Holiday
December 8th – Student DayClasses will not be held
December 24th – January 1st Winter vacation
Summer semester
March 3rd – Liberation DayNational Holiday
April 2nd – Students Science Session in TU–VarnaClasses will not be held
April 17th – April 20th – EasterHolidays
April 21ststudents must study with the schedule for Tuesday – Even week
April 23rdstudents must study with the schedule for Thursday – Even week
April 24thstudents must study with the schedule for Friday – Even week
May 1st – Labor Day and International Workers' Solidarity DayHoliday
May 6th – St George's Day, Day of the Bulgarian ArmyHoliday
May 24th , 25th – Day of Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture and of Slavonic AlphabetHolidays