Technical University of Varna


The Library at Technical University of Varna was founded in 1964. It is a cultural and information center located on 1600 square metres (NUK – first floor), housing about 200 000 volumes – scientific and educational literature, periodicals, electronic media and other materials. The resources of the library and the reading halls’ capacity satisfy completely the needs of the studying students.


Work time:
from Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 12:00; 13:00 – 16:00


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Educational literature from world-famous publishing houses for TU-Varna students 

The University Library has the largest collection in Bulgaria of maritime conventions, model courses, rules, memoranda and conferences of the IMO /International Maritime Organization/, which is equal to all shipping and shipbuilding companies in the world. These rules form the basis of training in Navigation and Shipbuilding. They also manage the protection of sea waters – the ecological balance in large water basins. The Library annually updates and enriches its collection. Our marine students are sought after by various international companies.

You can see a list of available IMO tools here. The materials are in English. The training is led by prominent habilitated lecturers and proven and experienced long voyage captains.

The University Library has a large collection in english from various disciplines taught at the university. We offer a list of books completed in the last fifteen years. Bibliographic records, cover photos and scanned content can be viewed on the University Library website.

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University Library is in process of introducing an electronic repository with full-text textbooks in English, from world-renowned publishers such as Springer, Longman, Oxford University Press, etc. The repository will cover the learning needs of students majoring in Software Engineering Technology, Navigation, Shipbuilding, etc. Many western computer companies that have opened offices in Bulgaria are looking for our students for employment from the second year of their education.

The University Library also has current periodicals in English in the relevant disciplines.

Essential significance is the fact that the university is ISO 9000 certified by the certification company of the French Ship Register Veritas Ltd, namely BVQI.


Lubov Valkova – Director
Office: NUK, 1-st floor, Phone: +359 52 383 457