Technical University of Varna

Annual retake examination session

2020 / 2021 summer semester


NOTE: All exams start at 9:00 a.m. unless otherwise specified.

Name, Academic title: Date:  Room: E-mail:
Technology of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. eng. Kiril KIROV, PhD kirov@tu-varna
Assoc. Prof. eng. Pavlina TOTEVA, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Stoyan SLAVOV, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Krasen KRASTEV, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Mariya BAKALOVA, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Sonya  VACHINSKA, PhD 9.09.2021 518 M
Assist. Prof. eng. Taniya AVRAMOVA, PhD
Materials Science and Technology Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. eng. Nikolay ATANASOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Georgi ANTONOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Yaroslav ARGIROV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Plamen PETROV, PhD 10.09.2021 216 M
Assoc. Prof. eng. Sergey KIROV, PhD
Transport Equipment and Technology Dpt. 
Assoc. Prof. eng. Zdravko IVANOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Sergey BELCHEV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Trifon UZUNTONEV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Kr.BOGDANOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Rosen HRISTOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. P.DIMITROV, PhD
Senor Assist. Prof. eng. St. STEFANOV, PhD
Technical Mechanics Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. Eng. Nikolay KURTEV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Viktor CHIRIKOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. R.MICHAYLOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Hristo HRISTOV, PhD 
Assoc. Prof.  Eng. Diyan DIMITROV, PhD 16.09.2021 121 NUK
Senior Assist. Prof. Eng. Stefan TENEV
Industrial Design Dpt.
Prof. Plamen BRATANOV, PhD
Prof. Venelin BOZHIDAROV
Assoc. Prof. Tsena MURZOVA, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Momchil TACHEV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Zoya TSONEVA, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Eng. Alexandrina BANKOVA, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Tihomir DOVRAMADZHIEV, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. Ginka ZHECHEVA, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Sonya VACHINSKA, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. Kremena TSANKOVA, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. Iliya ILIEV, PhD
Assist. Prof. Darina DOBREVA, PhD
Assoc. Prof. St.Yordanova
Industrial Management Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. Siyka DEMIROVA, PhD 14.09.2021 528 NUK – 11:00
Prof. Svetlana DIMITRAKIEVA, PhD 16.09.2021 528 NUK
Assoc. Prof. Svetlana LESIDRENSKA, PhD 07.09.2021 528 NUK
Assoc. Prof. eng. Tanya PANAYOTOVA, PhD 15.09.2021 528 NUK
Assoc. Prof. eng. Krasimira DIMITROVA, PhD 10.09.2021 528 NUK
Assoc. Prof. Beaneta VASILEVA, PhD 09.09.2021 528 NUK
Senior Assist. Prof. Kr.ZAGOROVA, PhD 13.09.2021 528 NUK
Assist. Prof. S.AHMEDOVA, PhD 17.09.2021 528 NUK
Assist. Prof. V.DICHEVA, PhD 07.09.2021 528 NUK – 13:00
Assoc. Prof. Darinka PAVLOVA, PhD 14.09.2021 528 NUK – 13:00
Assist. Prof. Svilen SIMEONOV, PhD 18.09.2021 528 NUK
Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. eng. Irina KOSTOVA, PhD 16.09.2021 318 M
Assoc. Prof. eng. Hristo PIROVSKI, PhD 17.09.2021 417 M
Assoc. Prof. eng. Galina ILIEVA, PhD 14.09.2021 401 M
Assoc. Prof. eng. Petar GEORGIEV, PhD 15.09.2021 401 M
Senior Assist. Prof. Y. SACHKOV 09.09.2021 711 M
Assist. Prof. Hr. MARINOV 13.09.2021 417 M
Assoc. Prof. Eng. Stefan KYULEVCHIEV, PhD 11.09.2021 711 M
Assist. Prof. Vl. YORDANOV, PhD 10.09.2021 711 M
Navigation, Transport Management and Waterways Preservation Dpt.
Prof. eng. ALEKSANDROV, PhD 08.09.2021 423 NUK
Assoc. Prof. eng. Bozhidar DYAKOV, PhD 07/09.09.2021 423 NUK
Assoc. Prof. eng. Anastas KRUSHEV, PhD 16.09.2021 417 NUK
Assoc. Prof. Aneta VARBANOVA, PhD 11.09.2021 406 NUK
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Ivan GROZEV, PhD 17.09.2021 407 NUK
Assist. Prof. eng. Milen TODOROV, PhD 18.09.2021 420 NUK
Assist. Prof. N. BEDJEV, PhD 07.09.2021 421 NUK
senior lecturer Boryana GENOVA 09.09.2021 406 NUK
lecturer Esin HALID 10.09.2021 414 NUK
lecturer Detelina KOKARCHINA 10.09.2021 406 NUK
lecture A. MITKOVA 08.09.2021 406 NUK
Assoc. Prof. VASILEV 08.09.2021 420 NUK
Assoc. Prof. DONEV 11.09.2021 421 NUK
Assoc. Prof. SHIVAROV 10.09.2021 420 NUK
IVANOV, PhD 07.09.2021 420 NUK
Thermal Engineering Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. eng. Irinka PAVLOVA,PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Daniela CHAKYROVA, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Penka ZLATEVA, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Anastas YANGYOZOV, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Krastin YORDANOV, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. N.DOSEVA, PhD
Plant Production Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. Dragomir DIMITROV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Petar YANKOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Miglena DRUMEVA, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Ivan KIRYAKOV, PhD
Assist. Prof. Pavlina ATANASOVA, PhD
Assist. Prof. M.IVANOV, PhD
Assist. Prof. N.DASKALOVA, PhD
Assoc.Prof. M.TSANKOVA
Electric Power Engineering Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. eng. Yoncho KAMENOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Yulian RANGELOV, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Nikolay NIKOLAEV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Mediha MEHMED-HAMZA, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. M.IVANOV, PhD
Assist. Prof. Plamen STANCHEV
Assist. Prof. A.FILIPOV
Assoc. Prof. eng. St.ANDREEV, PhD
Assist. Prof. K.DIMITROV, PhD
Electric Power Supply and Electrical Equipment Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. eng. Valentin GIUROV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Vladimir CHIKOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Plamen PARUSHEV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. R.KIROV
Assoc. Prof. P.PETKOV
Electrical Engineering and Electrical Technologies Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. eng. Bohos APRAHAMIAN, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Mariya MARINOVA, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Mike STREBLAU, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Tatyana DIMOVA, PhD
Assist. Prof. N.TSVETKOVA
Assoc. Prof. TAHRILOV
Theory of Electrical Engineering and Measurement Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. eng. Emil Ivanov PANOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Marin MARINOV, PhD 8/9.09.2021 212 E
Assoc. Prof. eng. Ivaylo NEDELCHEV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Ilonka LILYANOVA, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Hristo ZHIVOMIROV, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Vyara VASILEVA, PhD
Social and Legal Sciences Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. Sc.D Toshko PETROV
Assoc. Prof. Mariya ZHELEVA, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Lachezar AVRAMOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. Irina TODOROVA, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. Daniela PETROVA, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. Ivaylo TSANOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. B.BOYCHEV, PhD
Elena Koleva, PhD
Computer Science and Engineering Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. eng. Hristo VALCHANOV, PhD 16/17.09.2021 207 E, 304 TV
Assoc. Prof. eng. Vladimir NIKOLOV, PhD 14/18.09.2021 114 M, 212 E
Assoc. Prof. eng. Veneta ALEKSIEVA, PhD 16/17.09.2021 207 E, 204 TV
Assoc. Prof. eng. Ivaylo PENEV, PhD 15/16.09.2021 302, 303 TV
Assoc. Prof. eng. Zheyno ZHEYNOV, PhD 9/15.09.2021 407 TV
Assoc. Prof. eng. Sl.YORDANOVA, PhD 17/18.09.2021 513 E
Assoc. Prof. eng. Milena MILEVA-KAROVA, PhD 13/14.09.2021 302,303 TV
Assoc. Prof. eng. Yulka PETKOVA, PhD 14/15.09.2021 103, 104 TV
Prof. eng. Todor GANCHEV, PhD 16/17.09.2021 517 E
Assoc. Prof. eng. Vladimir NIKOLOV, PhD 9/10.09.2021 105 TV
Senior Assist. Prof. L.GEORGIEV, PhD 9.09.2021 401, 402 TV
Senior Assist. Prof. M.ANGELOV, PhD 8/14.09.2021 608 TV
Software and Internet Technologies Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. eng. Violeta BOZHIKOVA, PhD 7/8.09.2021 307,308 TV
Assoc. Prof. eng. Nedyalko NIKOLOV, PhD 9/10.09.2021 403, 404TV
Assoc. Prof. eng. Elena RACHEVA, PhD 16/17.09.2021 403, 404TV
Assoc. Prof. eng. Hristo NENOV, PhD 9/10.09.2021 201, 202, 207 TV
Assoc. Prof. eng. Mariyana STOEVA, PhD 16.09.2021 114 M – 13:00
Assoc. Prof. Zlatka MATEVA, PhD 17/18.09.2021 121 NUK
Assoc. Prof. eng. Geo KUNEV, PhD 17.09.2021 408 TV
Assist. Prof. eng. Rosen RADKOV 9/10.09.2021 207 E
Senior Assist. Prof. G. KOVACHEVA, PhD 16.09.2021 103 TV
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. D. NIKOLAEVA, PhD 14.09.2021 307 TV
Assist. Prof. eng. D. DINEV 14.09.2021 408 TV
Communication Engineering and Technologies Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. eng. Nikolay KOSTOV, PhD
Prof. eng. Rozalina DIMOVA, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Borislav NAYDENOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Valentina MARKOVA, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Todorka GEORGIEVA, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng.Lyubomir  KAMBUROV, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Georgi CHERVENKOV,PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Stela  KOSTADINOVA, PhD
Automation Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. eng. Nikola NIKOLOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Nasko ATANASOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Mariyana TODOROVA, PhD 15.09.2021 601 E
Assoc. Prof. eng. Mariela ALEXANDROVA
Assoc. Prof. eng. Vesko UZUNOV
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Zhivko ZHEKOV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. E.MARINOV
Electronic Equipment and Microelectronics Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. eng. Emiliyan BEKOV, PhD
Prof. eng. Ventsislav VALCHEV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Ekaterina DIMITROVA, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Dimitar KOVACHEV, PhD
Assoc. Prof. eng. Angel MARINOV, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Toncho PAPANCHEV,PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. D.MICHAYLOVA,PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. eng. Firgan FERADOV, PhD
Assist. Prof. eng. Svilen ZAHARIEV
Mathematics Dpt.
Assoc. Prof. Tsanko GENCHEV, PhD 9.09.2021 114 M
Assoc. Prof.  Vsevolod IVANOV, PhD 7/10.09.2021 114 M vsevolod.ivanov@
Senior Assist. Prof. Nedka PULOVA, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. R.MARINOV, PhD
Senior Assist. Prof. D.KIRILOVA, PhD
Physics Dpt.
Assoc. Prof.  Alexander OGOYSKI, PhD 8.09.2021 612 E
Assoc. Prof.  Vl.PULOV, PhD
Language Training Dpt.
senior lecturer Nadejda TSONEVA
senior lecturer Violeta KARASTATEVA
senior lecturer Mariana KRYSTEVA 7.09.2021 217 NUK
senior lecturer Svetla SABEVA
senior lecturer Milena ZLATEVA