Technical University of Varna


The Technical University of Varna is a state educational institution, which has accepted the challenge and the responsibility to serve the public needs for preparing qualified engineers and supporting the technical development in a world that undergoes global, technological and cultural changes.
TU-Varna’s mission is to be a factor in the development of the intellectual potential of Bulgaria, to support the process of sustainable development and to contribute to the achievement of new standards in communication of people.
As part of our role and based on our close cooperation with the industry, the active research sector, the European universities and standing on our own achievements and traditions, we have to organize the creation of market-oriented highly qualified specialists in all educational degrees for Bulgarian and the world economy, more specifically in the fields of:
– Shipbuilding and Navigation;
– Communication and Computer Engineering and Technologies;
– Mechanical Engineering and Technologies;
– Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation;
– Electric Power Industry;
– Industrial Management;
– Agronomy;
– Ecology and Technologies for Environmental Protection
The Technical University of Varna is the only Bulgarian civil university following the specific mission to integrate in a single process the education of engineers and the conduct of scientific research in the fields of shipbuilding and marine technologies, navigation and water transport, ecology and engineering technologies for sea environment.