Technical University of Varna

TU-Varna tripled the number of admitted foreign students

The increase of the Authority of TU-Varna on the international stage is proved by the increased interest of admitted students from other countries for English language training. This year, admitted students from 14 countries have shown interest in studying at the Technical University of Varna in English.

On 11.10.2021 was officially opened the new academic year 2021/2022 for foreign students who are studying in the first of many groups of Preparatory course in English.

The number of newly enrolled foreign students has tripled compared to the previous year, which is evidence of the expansion of the market share of TU-Varna in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine and other countries. The most desirable specialties are Software and internet teghnologi, Electronics, Navigation, Marine Engeneering, Shipbuilding, Industrial management.

The students were welcomed at the university in compliance with all anti-epidemiological measures. The Rector – Prof. Dr. Eng. Ventsislav Valchev and Prof. Dr. Eng. Rozalina Dimova – Vice Rector of Internationalization welcomed the newly admitted students.

TU-Varna is the only university in Varna, in which in the academic year 2021/2022 foreign students will study in the Preparatory course in Bulgarian language.