Technical University of Varna

30 years of ACM Membership

On the 15-th of January 2021  have passed 30 years since the establishment of the Bulgarian Chapter of ACM – Association for Computing Machinery (NY, USA, – the oldest and largest international organization in the field of computers. For the last 26 years acmbul has been located in TU-Varna and is the first, officially approved by ACM as its division in Central and Eastern Europe.

The association unites about 83,000 IT specialists. The headquartered of ACM is in New York City. It consists of more than 170 regional offices and 35 Special Interest Groups (SIGs), within which the main activities of ACM are conducted and funded, such as conferences, symposia, seminars, educational programs, publication of scientific literature, papers at conferences, specialized journals, many of which in the field of computer science have some of the world’s highest scientometric indicators and ratings.

The AFM awards a number of prizes each year, the most famous is the Turing Award, considered the Nobel Prize for Computing’s achievements.