Technical University of Varna


In connection with a decision of AC/18.05.2020 regarding the end of the academic year 2019/2020:

1. By the 22.05.2020 at the latest, students who have passed a conditional exam or will take one in the period 27.04.2020-06.06.2020, must send the bank order for paid tax for individual protocol (by courier, by mail with return receipt or delivered on the spot, subject to all anti-epidemic measures) to the relevant Front office Expert in NUK. Letters will be opened in the presence of 3 (three) Experts. In case of non-compliance, the student and the examiner will be notified that the grade obtained will not be taken into account (if the exam has been conducted) or that the student will not be admitted to the exam.

2. By 27.05.2020 at the latest, teachers have to fill the grades from the retake session of the graduating students (4th year full-time and 5th year part-time) in the general books in the Front office.

3. By 09.06.2020 at the latest, teachers have to enter the grades from the annual retake session of the students 4th year full-time and 5th year part-time in the Front office.

4. Until 12.06.2020, Front office Experts have to enter all the scores of the graduating students.

5. Until 14.06.2020, graduates have to compare the grades from their student books with those in the university information system UMIS – .

6. In the period 08.06.2020 – 26.06.2020, after specifying the day and time with the respective Front office Expert (according to the schedule), the graduates should check and sign their Academic Transcript (in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures). For this purpose have to be organized a pass regime and to provide disinfectants at the entrance to the NUC. It is mandatory for all graduates to wear masks when entering the buildings of TU-Varna.

7. Until 25.06.2020 Front office Experts have to clarify the grades, in case of discrepancy between those in the Academic Transcript and the Student book.

8. Until 26.06.2020 Front office Experts have to submit the Academic Transcripts and administratively completed official notes to the Technical Assistant of the respective department.

9. Until 26.06.2020 graduates have to provide (by courier, by mail with return receipt or on the spot, in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures) to the Technical Assistant of the department: signed by the graduate declaration for personal data; 2 photos; 3 pcs. Diploma assignment signed by the graduate, previously agreed with the supervisor of the thesis.

Shipping address:

Varna 9010, Technical University – Varna, 1 Studentska Str.

Faculty ………… .., to the Technical Assistant of the ………………….. Department.

10. By the 01.07.2020 at the latest Head of Departments have to prepare schedules for DZ / DI, including only students who meet the above requirements and submit them for approval by the Rector.

11. Graduates from previous years wishing to submit an application to the office of the Dean’s Office for the Restoration of Student Rights need to be informed that, in connection with the current situation in the country, must develop a thesis (except for students majoring in regulated professions and students from the Professional Bachelor’s Degree). The application must be signed by the Head of Department and then by the Dean / Director of the College.


Assoc. Prof. M. Todorova, Head of EMD