Technical University of Varna

INFORMATION FOR DISTANCE LERNING – 2020/2021 winter semester

Dear students,

In order to improve the learning process, please, in the absence of uploaded materials on the subjects, contact the respective teacher, and the email will be sent with a copy to

The distance form of training in the respective disciplines will be conducted in the Microsoft Teams environment in combination with the Moodle platform. Access to distance learning platforms is through Microsoft Teams. It is recommended to use the Microsoft Teams application, which has a desktop and mobile version. Information on working with Teams can be accessed at All students have accounts (and e-mail) in the domain onlineedu (@ 

username:, where XXXXXXXX is the faculty number of the student.

password: Student#XXXX, where XXXX are the last four digits of the faculty number of the student.

For example:
faculty number: 20221067
password: Student#1067

After the initial login, the system will require changing the password with another – chosen by the student, as the requirements for the new password are at least 8 characters long with lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.

In case of problems with entering the system, please seek assistance at