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May 6th – Day of the Bulgarian Army

6-th May – Official Holiday 

Bulgarian Armed Forces Day, also known as the Day of Bravery is a national holiday celebrated annually on May 6, commemorating the Bulgarian Armed Forces. The event is marked by military parades, fireworks and ceremonies across the country.

On May 6 Bulgarians celebrate St. George’s Day – one of the biggest festivals in the folk calendar, celebrated in honor of St. George and more as the Day of the Bulgarian Army. St. George’s name day celebrated Georgi, Gergana, Galia, Ginka, Ganka and more.

According to folk beliefs St. George and St. Demetrius were twin brothers, among which is shared year. From St. George’s to Demetrius is its summer half, the time of Demetrius to St. George’s Day marks its winter half. So St. George portends the coming summer and the beginning of the new business year, which is why the holiday is observed many traditions and customs related to agriculture, livestock and health.