Technical University of Varna

Rector’s Order 163 / 10.03.2021





№ 163/ 10.03.2021

according to Order 529 / 27.11.2020, amended by Order 592 / 22.12.2020 and Order 67 / 29.01.2021 of the Rector of TU-Varna




1.For the summer semester, the classes should be conducted electronically in Microsft Teams, exceptionally in Google Meet or another electronic environment, previously approved by the Rector. 

2. By 12.03.2021 (friday) all Heads of Departments to present to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and the Teaching and Methodological Department, regarding the environment in which each lecturer from the department provides the learning process and the electronic environment in which they will conduct the examination procedures.


This order to be brought to the attention of Vice-rectors, Deans, Directors of Colleges, Director of Department for Language and Continuing Education and Sports, Heads of Departments and to be disseminated to the knowledge of the Academic staff, employees and students of TU-Varna.



Prof. V. Valtchev

Rector of TU-Varna