Technical University of Varna

Rector’s Order 219 / 12.04.2021





№ 219/ 12.04.2021

according to art. 32, para 1, item 1 of the Higher Education Act and art. 15, para 1, item 3 and 4 of the Regulations for the structure and activity of TU-Varna, in connection  with order RD-01-220 / 08.04.2021 of the Minister of Health 




Considered from 12.04.2021 (Monday)

1. Attendance of:
1.1. The practical classes, trainings and practical exams of students, postgraduates and doctoral students.
1.2. Semester examinations, which include a practical part and cannot be conducted in an electronic environment, using no more than 30% of the room capacity, observing a physical distance of at least 1.5 m and wearing protective face masks;
1.3.State exams and diploma theses.

2. Attend to plan the practical classes, which cannot or should not, according to the requirements of Medical Audit Executive Agency or another organization, be conducted in an electronic environment.

3. The decision for other practical classes and their start as a date should be taken by the departments taking into account all the peculiarities of the students’ schedule and the time necessary for their notification. In case of need for larger halls or relocation of some classes, the corrections should be coordinated with the Educational-Methodical Department.

4. In the period up to 16.04.2021. (Friday), the Deans of the faculties and the Directors of the colleges to send summarized information to the Teaching-methodical department for the practical classes, which will be held in person, together with schedules, if there is a difference with the already approved ones.

5. By decision of the Dean of the Faculty / Director of the College, students who are ill or quarantined to be given the opportunity to conduct other forms of practical training.

6. Head of Cleanliness sector for the buildings of TU-Varna on the territory of the city of Varna, the Director of the College for the buildings of Dobrudzha Technological College on the territory of the city of Dobrich, to organize disinfection according to the algorithm specified in Appendix 1 to Order RD-01-220 / 08.04.2021 of the Minister of Health.

7. All attendance classes should be conducted in strict compliance with the current anti-epidemic measures.


This order to be brought to the attention of Vice-rectors, Deans, Directors of Colleges, Director of Department for Language and Continuing Education and Sports, Heads of Departments and to be disseminated to the knowledge of the Academic staff, employees and students of TU-Varna.



Prof. V. Valtchev

Rector of TU-Varna