Technical University of Varna

Rector’s Order 229 / 19.05.2020




No.229/ 19.05.2020



1. The academic year should complete in distance/electronic way for all students, except for the specialties under the regulated professions (i.e. specialities Navigation and Marine Engineering).

2. The summer semester for academic year 2019/2020 for the students of EQD “Professional Bachelor” and EQD “Bachelor Ist – IIIrd course to complete on 23.05.2020 according to the Structure of the educational process – without prolongation.

3. In the period 23.05.2020 – 30.05.2020 a possibility is given to complete all procedures concerning “recognized” and “current evaluation”.

4. The disciplines “Educational practice” and “Specializing practice” for all specialties, without those in the regulated professions to be replanned, according to the decision of the department councels. The Specializing practice after the IIIrd course can be conducted: in a real business environment at the students discretion, in the laboratories of the University or on-line (for the computer specialties).

5. The regular examination session for the summer semester for the students of EQD “Professional Bachelor” and EQD “Bachelor Ist – IIIrd course to be changed by one week and to be held within the period 01.06.2020 – 20.06.2020 The resit examination session for full-time training and the annual resit examination session for Ist – IVth course part-time training to be held within the period 22.06.2020 – 27.06.2020. Official dates of the exams should be appointed by the Educational and Methodical (EMD) The exams should be conducted in extramural way (distance/electronically).

6. Students from all specialties of the Bachelor’s degree, with the exception of specialties in the regulated professions, to complete their education by thesis development. The period for these theses development should be changed by two weeks, i.e. to be within the period 06.2020 – 11.07.2020. The defend of theses should be conducted by videoconference. The theses delivery should be performed as follows: its electronic version should be sent by e-mail either to the Head of the department and the technical officer, and the paper works – to be sent via courier or to be delivered on site and to be given to the technical officer according to the schedule of the department. After paper works have been received within the relevant period, the Head of the department should appoint a reviewer, for which the graduating student to be notified by e-mail. The regular defense sessions to be held within the period 13.07.2020 – 25.07.2020. Concerning the EQD “Professional Bachelor” and specialties in the regulated professions, the regular session for state exams to be held within the period: 13.07.2020 – 01.08.2020. The resit examination session for state exam/ thesis defense, as well as the annual resit examination session Ist – IIIrd course of regular training to be within the period 31.08.2020 – 12.09.2020.

7. The end of the academic year for Master’s Degree should be within the terms of the Bachelor’s degree, as the re-planning should be done by the departments. If it is necessary to reschedule classes, they should be organized within the next semester. Each department should send dates for exams for full-time and part-time education to the Educational and Methodical , and they must be by 27.06.2020 (regular and resit examination session). Upon re-planning some information to be sent to the Educational and Methodical Dpt., as well as Deputy Rector of EA. The rescheduled disciplines shall not be considered as equivalent and will not affect students upon applying for scholarships.

8. For students majoring in regulated professions:

– Within the period 26.05.2020 – 30.05.2020 to conduct face-to-face exercises for all students I-IV course Bulgarian Language Education (BLE), as well as “Educational practice – part 8” for IV course BLE specialty Marine Engineering and Electrical Equipment of Ships, in compliance with all anti-epidemic requirements. The other students’practices from I to III course to be replanned for the following semesters, as they shall not be considered as not taken procedures and shall not prevent students for scholarships applying.

– The exam on Maintenance and repair of ship machinery” for specialty Marine Engineering IV course BLE full-time training, to be conducted in compliance with all anti-epidemic requirements within the period 01.06.2020 – 13.06.2020 for regular, resit and annual examination.

– The unfulfilled sailing internships and training practice with outsourced performance for specialties of the regulated professions IV course (full-time training) and V and VI course (part-time training), BLE and ELE to be completed by 31.12.2020. In January 2021 to be held a State examination session that should be considered the first for these students. Students who have completed their duties (completed a semester; completed 6 months of sailing and practical training; completed all Maritime Qualification Center (MQC) courses in optional disciplines provided as additional STCW training ) may sit for State examination during the regular session for it within the period 13.07.2020 – 01.08.2020. The State examinations should be conducted personally, in compliance with all anti-epidemic requirements.

– All optional disciplines should be replanned and organized by the Maritime Qualification Center, and only those courses should be conducted for which there is no permission given by the Executive Agency “Maritime Administration” for remote distance education. The control for the courses should be provided by the Head of the MQC and the Heads of the D

9. All students English Language Education (ELE), who have completed their studies and received countersigning, can sit for their exams in a distance way during the given sessions. For the other ELE students: the attendance classes, the educational and Specializing practices, as well as the examination session to be organized after 01.09.2020, according to the situation in international aspect.

All Deputy Rectors, Deans, College Directors, Director of DLECES (DEPOS), Head of Departments, EMD, Front office – Student Services  should be familiarized with this Order, as well as to be informed all the academic staff, personnel and students at TU-Varna.


Prof. Dr. Dipl. Eng. Ventsislav Valchev

Rector of TU-Varna, [signature]