Technical University of Varna

Rector’s Order 365 / 14.08.2020

The deadline for payment of tuition fee for the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021 is 25.09.2020 (pursuant to the Rector’s Order №365/14.08.2020)


Tuition fee for the the academic year 2020-2021


A student who has not paid the tuition fee is “removed for unpaid semester fee” until the fee for the same semester is paid. After the payment of the semester fee and fee for “reimbursement after unpaid semester fee” – 60 euro, within 1 month from the removal (until 25.10.2020) and submission of an Application to the Rector in the International Students Office – 326 NUK, the student is “reimbursed after unpaid semester fee” in the same semester.
If the student does not restore his/her student rights by the above term, he/she has the right to restore them in the same semester of the next academic year in the same order.

more information: +359 52 383 331
for students information:  e-mail: fs_office@tu-varna .bg
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