Technical University of Varna

Rector’s Order 485 / 09.11.2020




№ 485/ 09.11.2020

аccording to art. 32, para 1, item 1 of the Higher Education Act and art. 15, para 1, item 4 of the Regulations for the structure and activity of TU-Varna, in connection  with order RD-01-626 / 27.10.2020 of the Minister of Health in order to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19




To extend the term of validity under item 1 of Order 468 / 28.10.2020 of the Rector of TU-Varna until 29.11.2020 inclusive.


This order to be brought to the attention of Vice-rectors, Deans, Directors of Colleges, Director of DEPOS, Heads of Departments and to be disseminated to the knowledge of the Academic staff, employees and students of TU-Varna.


Prof. V. Valtchev

Rector of TU-Varna