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PhD Programs – chоose here

Form of study: full time (3 years); part time (4 years); independent (1 year)

Applicants for an independent form of doctoral studies together with the application documents, must submit Doctoral Research Concept (ab. 70 pages) and pay a fee for its examination. Fee for Applicants from EU and EEA (in Bulgarian language) is 300 BGN, for Applicants from EU and EEA (in English) is 300 EUR and for NON-EU Applicants is 560 EUR.

1. Application form;
2. Higher Education Diploma for Master’s Degree and Diploma Supplement – notary certified copy. In case that the Diploma was issued by Foreign Higher Education Institution the applicants must present a Certificate for recognition of Higher Educational Degree, issued from TU-Varna.
3. List of publications, translated into Bulgarian;
4. Short CV

If the mater’s degree is from Foreign Higher Education Institutions, the applicants must pay a fee in the amount of 150 BGN into the Bank Account of TU-Varna for the recognition of Higher Education Diploma from Foreign Higher Education Institutions and complete an Application.
Document for a paid fee for the recognition of Higher Education Diploma

*Documents specified in points 2 must be:
• Certified in accordance with the international requirements:
          – for countries that have a mutual legal assistance agreement with Bulgaria concerning certification of documents, the agreement requirements shall apply;
          – for member countries under the Hague Convention, documents are certified with Apostille stamps;
          – for all other countries, documents must be certified by the Ministry of Education (and/or Ministry of Healthcare), Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the applicant’s country of residence and by the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in the respected country;
• Translated in Bulgarian language with legalized translation in Bulgaria. It is necessary to send the translated documents for certification of the translator’s signature to the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


All candidates who have chosen one of the majors delivered in English and have no written or spoken command of the language are advised to attend a 9-month English Preparatory Course. The Preparatory Course starts in October each year and includes as follows: English Language – part 1, English Language – part 2, English Language for academic purposes, Mathematics and Elective Subject: Physics or Informatics.
If the candidate has a good command of English, he/she may sit an exam and after passing it, he/she may be enrolled in the chosen major without taking the Preparatory Course. The exam fee is 250 EUR and is paid in advance.

1.Enrollment form;
2.Document for paid tuition fee.
3. Photos (size: 4.5/3.5 cm) – 6 pcs.


brochure: Application procedure for PhD