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Industrial Design

Professional orientation: GENERAL ENGINEERING
Professional qualification: ENGINEER DESIGNER
Academic degree: BACHELOR
Form of Study: FULL-TIME
Term of Study: 4 years / 8 semesters
Language of instruction:Bulgarian




Career paths:

– performing artistic, design, constructive and managerial activities by enclosing design and redesign of both machine-building and electrotechnical products for household and industrial purposes
– artistic special design
– advertising
– textile and graphic design
– organizing and managing design, production, assembly and maintenance of all produced devices and products of intellectual property
– performing consultative and commercial activity related to the products of design and redesign.


Industrial Design Dpt.
HOD: Prof. P. Bratanov, PhD
Phone: +359 52 383 301, Room: 502 M

Secretary: K. Hadzhieva
Phone: +359 52 383 376, Room: 503 M


For Admission
Phone: +359 52 383 331; +359 52 383 333
Room: 326 NUK

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