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Аrtificial intelligence

Professional qualification: COMPUTER ENGINEERING
Academic degree: BACHELOR
Form of Study: FULL-TIME
Term of Study: 4 years / 8 semesters
Language of instruction:




The engineer majoring in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a Bachelor’s degree receives the necessary training to solve practical problems by applying a systematic approach, using modern methods and tools in a dynamically changing professional field. He is prepared to perform research, design, construction, production, installation, operation and management activities in the field of his specialty. The latter covers artificial intelligence systems and computer technology, not only as a separate field, but also as tools designed to solve problems in various fields of human activity. The engineer must be able to prepare and use a variety of technical documentation related to the organization of production, installation, maintenance and servicing of technical projects.

Its implementation can be in both the public and private sectors of the economy, services and services. The engineer majoring in AI is prepared to be able to easily adapt to the requirements of different hierarchical levels in companies and organizations with diverse activities.

Qualification skills are acquired through the application of various forms of learning. Professional knowledge is built on three levels – general-engineering and general-special foundations, which, having functional completeness, allow the choice of a specialized superstructure within the specialty.

1. General engineering training includes training in the field of natural sciences such as: Mathematics (problematic in accordance with the specific requirements of the specialty); System analysis; Electronics; English for IT engineers.

2. General special training includes training in the field of artificial intelligence such as: Basic programming; Logic and automata; Algorithms and data structures; Computer organization; High performance computer system architectures; Object oriented programming; Operating Systems; Databases; Software technologies, Microprocessor systems.

3. The preparation in the specialized level includes the training in: Fundamentals of artificial intelligence; Introduction to machine learning; Sensors, actuators and controllers; Selected methods for machine learning, as well as compulsory elective courses from a list of 16 offered titles, which are constantly updated. Electives in the curriculum allow students to specialize in their desire in hardware or software, as well as in specific issues.

The Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence must be able to:
– Defining tasks, the solution of which requires the application of artificial intelligence and developing effective solutions for these tasks;
– Solving basic tasks in the field of artificial intelligence – forecasting, recognition, classification;
– Application of modern methods and algorithms of machine learning and neural networks to solve scientific and practical problems of high complexity;
– Processing, analysis and visualization of large amounts of data;
– Development of intelligent systems based on robots and sensors.


Computer Science and Engineering Dpt.
HOD: Assoc. Prof. H. Valchanov
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Secretary: K.Vangelova
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For Admission
Zuhran Kadieva, LL.M
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