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Automation, information and control computer systems

Professional qualification: AUTOMATION ENGINEER
Academic degree: BACHELOR
Form of Study: FULL-TIME
Term of Study: 4 years / 8 semesters
Language of instruction: Bulgarian





During the first two academic years the students receive fundamental and general technical training, and during the third and fourth years they receive theoretical knowledge and acquire practical skills in basic and profiling disciplines that provide knowledge in: PLC programming (Programmable logic controllers); development of Web-based applications for PLC; computer modeling of automatic control systems; design, implementation, setup and operation of computer control systems; development of software for control microcomputer systems; construction and administration of industrial computer networks.
The practical training of students is carried out in the modernized laboratories of the Department of Production Automation, equipped with modern measuring, information and control equipment of Siemens, Festo, Texas Instruments, Microchip, ABB, Moeller, Analog Devices, National Instruments, etc. as well as in leading companies and engineering companies in the region.The main goal is to train highly qualified specialists for activities related to design, implementation, setup and operation of computer systems for automatic control of technological processes and technical complexes for automation in all areas of industry, building automation and management.
The general and specialized training of the engineer in his specialty allows him to work as: designer of automated systems for process control; system engineer for development and operation of information and management computer systems; administrator of industrial computer networks; building automation engineer; operator in the command hall; instrumentation and A engineer (control and measuring devices and automation); manager of a department, engineering or industrial company and in the field of education.
During the training, students have the opportunity to realize mobility in universities from Germany, the Czech Republic, Sweden, France, England, Slovenia, Turkey and others. After completing their studies, students have the opportunity to continue their education in higher education – Master’s and Doctor’s degree. 


Automation Dpt.
HOD: Assoc. Prof. N. Nikolov
Phone: +359 52 383 329,312
Room: 812 E, 410A E


For Admission:
Zuhran Kadieva, LL.M
Phone: +359 52 383 333
Room: 326 NUK


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