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Industrial Design

Profesional orientation: GENERAL ENGINEERING

Profesional qualification: ENGINEER DESIGNER

Type of training: FULL-TIME

Language of instruction: Bulgarian


Course Duration:

  • 3 semesters (1,5 years)

Requirements: This is a consecutive course oriented to graduates who have successfully completed a Bachelor’s Degree Course of Industrial Design or Engineering Design.

  • 4 semesters (2 years)

Requirements: This one is designed for those who have a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in other Professional fields.


Career path:

The graduates who acquire the Master’s Degree in Industrial Design are qualified for conducting research, developting design, performing creative, managerial and consulting activites in the sphere of:

  • developement and implementation of strategies in the field of marketing and advertising design of companies in the industrial, tourism and commercial sectors;
  • controlling the designing processes in industrial organizations;
  • development, implementation and evaluation of the product, marketing, manufacturing and technological strategies of the companies in the designing of the products developed;
  • intentional establishing of appropriate corporate culture and company style;
  • the overall development of design processes and the management of the changes in them.

The training in the Master in Industrial Design course is compliant with the requirements of the individual management levels and units of design, commercial, consultancy and manufacturing companies and organizations in various economic areas.

The Masters in Industrial Design acquire:

  • Flexible and improving theoretical, special and specialized training;
  • Specialized software knowledge and skills;
  • Ability to strategically manage the design process as a whole as well as each of its stages;
  • The fundamentals required to continue their education in the consecutive PhD Degree as well as to proceed with their professional development and

The graduates of the Master’s Degree course in Industrial Design acquire competencies and skills for resolving complex design tasks, independently and in a team. They have the capacity to:

  • design products and industrial, polygraphic and textile design items, using traditional and contemporary design principles, methods and technical means;
  • organize and manage the designing process, manufacture and installation of the products and items produced;
  • carry out consultancy and commercial activity related to the design and redesign products.



Department of Industrial Design

HOD: Prof. PhD Plamen Bratanov

Phone: +359 52 383 301, Room: 502М


Technical coordinator: eng. Katya Hadzhieva

Phone: +359 52 383 376, Room: 503М



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