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Marine Engineering


Professional qualification: MECHANICAL ENGINEER

Type of training: FULL-TIME

Language of instruction: Bulgarian


Course Duration:

1) 3 semesters (1,5 years)

Requirements: The course is oriented to graduates who have acquired a Bachelor’s Degree Course in Marine Engineering associated with the regulated profession of Ship Engineer

2) 6 semesters (3 years), including a specialty state examination, in compliance with the requirements of the STCW Convention, as amended, and a state examination in English Language.

Requirements: The Master’s Marine Engineering course is oriented to Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree graduates of other specialties in the field of Technology (Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS).

The MEng Marine Engineering Course curriculum is approved by the Executive Agency “Maritime Administration” and meet the requirements of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended (STCW Convention).

The graduates are awarded a MEng Marine Engineering Diploma and the Professional Qualification “Ship’s Engineer Officer”.


Career path: Upon successful completion of the MEng course in Marine Engineering, the graduates could apply their knowledge as:

  • chief engineers of seagoing and river ships, floating platforms and marine structures;
  • ship power plant installation and repair engineers;
  • designers of ship power plants;
  • shipyard production managers;
  • stationary power plant engineers and managers;
  • researchers and educators;
  • managers, experts, consultants in institutions, companies and organizations from the public and private sectors.

Their career development involves the area of shipping, shipbuilding, ship repair, ship classification services, ship design and insurance companies, heat and nuclear engineering, power engineering repair, machine building, chemical, gas, petroleum, metallurgical industries, etc. Marine Engineering graduates have various career options and perspectives, both onboard and ashore (design and insurance companies, ship classification serices, etc.). Their professional occupation is concerned with power machinery and installations in all stages of design, construction, test, operation and repair in transport and stationary conditions. Their average income exceeds multiple times the average salary obtained in the country.

Upon successful completion of the Master’s Degree course, the graduates can continue their education for obtaining a PhD Degree. International recognition of the knowledge and skills acquired as well as the diplomas awarded is ensured through the European credit transfer system ECTS.


Department of Naval Achitechture and Marine Engineering

HOD: Assos. Prof. eng. Irina Kostova

Phone: +359 52  383 369 / 476, Room: 402 M / 318A M


Technical coordinator: Stela Miteva

Phone: +359 52  383 290, Room: 403 M



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