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Naval Architecture and Marine Technology

Professional qualification: MECHANICAL ENGINEER
Academic degree: MASTER
Form of Study: FULL-TIME
Language of instruction:

Department of Naval Achitechture and Marine Engineering
HOD: Assos. Prof. eng. Irina Kostova
Phone: +359 52 383 369, Room: 402 М

Technical coordinator: Stela Miteva
Phone: +359 52 383 290, Room: 403 М

Course Duration:

1) 3 semesters (1,5 years)

Requirements: The course is designed to be accessible by those who have successfully completed a Bachelor’s Degree Course of Naval Architecture and Marine Technology.

2) 4 semesters (2 years)

Requirements: The course is oriented to graduates who have successfully completed the Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Professional field: 5.1. Mechanical Engineering; 5.5. Transport, Navigation and Aviation (except for the course of Naval Architecture and Marine technology); 5.13. General Engineering and 5.7. Architecture, Construction and Geodesy.

The training is carried out according to a unified curriculum, the first semester being intended for the Bachelors and Masters in different professional fields. It is focused on the basic subjects and acquiring the fundamental knowledge required, which is otherwise provided by the Bachelor’s Degree Course of Shipbuilding and Marine technology. The graduates who have completed this course start their training from the second semester. The last semester (forth semester) focuses on the Master’s Thesis preparation.

Career path: Upon successful completion of the degree course, the graduates could seek for career development in the fields of design, construction, control, standardization, research and education in the sphere of shipbuilding in the country and abroad.
The training and the knowledge and skill acquired meet the requirements of all the hierarchical levels and units of:
– shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises and companies;
– research institutes and companies in the field of shipbuilding, ship repair, marine technology and water transport;
– classification and standardization organizations;
– ship and marine design organizations, offices and companies;
– technical subdivisions of water transport, construction and technical fleet;
– enterprises, offices and companies for large-scale metal structure design, manufacturing and repair;
– secondary technical schools, colleges and universities.
The curriculum of the Degree Course includes subjects related to the designing and building of small boats (boats and yachts, motor yachts, small passenger ships, specialized ships, etc.)
The students who have successfully completed the course and obtained a Master`s Degree could continue their education by doing a PhD Degree course in Shipbuilding and Ship Repair.
TU-Varna is the only higher education institution in the Republic of Bulgaria that offers and conducts academic course training in Shipbuilding and Marine Technology.


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