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Protection of Population in Disasters and Accidents

Professional field: GENERAL ENGINEERING
Professional qualification: RISK ENGINEER
Academic degree: BACHELOR
Form of Study: FULL-TIME
Term of Study: 4 years / 8 semesters
Language of instruction: Language of instruction: Bulgarian





Career paths:

– civil protection forces, emergency services divisions, subdevisions of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Defense, other governmental institutions, control-administrative bodies, local authorities, etc.
– power economy, machine building, chemical industry, light industry, etc.
– ship and ship repair activities, exploitation of sea, ports and sea aquatoria, sea transport
– nongovernmental organizations vand other institutions
– education and other fields of social and economic life.


Ecology ana Environmental Protection Dpt.
HOD: Assoc.Prof.D.Toneva-Zheynova, PhD
Phone: +359 52 383 664
Room: 301 NUK

Secretary: L. Tringova
Phone: +359 52 383 634
Room: 302 NUK

For Admission:
Zuhran Kadieva, LL.M
Phone: +359 52 383 333
Room: 326 NUK


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